Entry #1

Hey, new music!

2009-09-09 01:33:03 by Xenotra2

Classes have started up again, and to tell the truth, I'd rather be working. In fact, I want to be working non-stop instead of classes. Not that my classes are terrible; in fact, they're pretty damn good, as they ARE designed to prepare us to be officially teachers, so that rocks, but with the amount of stuff that I learned this summer about video editing, sound production, and brass repair, so many new avenues have opened up that I wish I had a year off or something to explore them. Oh well.

BUT! I would be remised if my first post on the site was completely emo, so I'll end this short bit on a good note.

Modern Sonata was fully edited and retitled its original working title, "In Retropect." It still represents a fusion of mediums and styles, but holds a more special place in my heart and got about 3 full minutes knocked off cuz I felt like it (and because it was taking forever to realize the main melody).

On the docket next, between teacher training, are 3 new projects to look forward to:

1) Dark Water (if you know what this cover alludes to, you're on my favorite's list)
2) The Raiders of Shadow (ditto)
3) Village Fight (another from the Lenny Archives, newly remastered)

Hopefully, homework permitting, I can get these out soon.

Thanks to everyone for listening. Have a wonderful day.
- Summoner


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