Entry #4

Exciting updates!

2014-07-15 13:50:48 by Xenotra2

Well, friends, it has been awhile.  Some reflection on professional avenues helped to re-kindle that "Oh yeah!  Newgrounds!" feeling that I remember back when I first joined up.  Since then I've become a full-time teacher, double-time content creator.  

On the music side, I've started work on my SECOND professional album, but need to take some time to pimp the first one now that I have changed digital distributors from CDbaby to Loudr.  If you are interested, I just posted the title track from the first album, "Fire Dance," for your listening pleasure.  If you enjoyed that and would like more like it, head on over to: xenotraproject.bandcamp.com to see the full album.  It represents some of my best work.

As work progresses on the 2nd iteration, I will post a few tracks up here for free so folks can get a taste.  If you want to see other work of mine, check out my YouTube channel over at: www.youtube.com/xenotrastudios


Thank you for your time and attention.

Rock on!



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